Final standings Sylvester5-2016

Intermediate results

Intermediate results are online at the results-page

Results are online

At the results-page you can find the results from each day.

Have a nice time in Belgium and good luck!

Starting times Day 1 Sylvester online

Starting Times Day 1 are available.

At monday dec. 19th we will publish starting times for the following days

List of participants Sylv5-2016...please check your name?

Dear Sylvester-friends, thanks for being with us during Christmas-time at the Sylvester5-2016 orienteering-days.

Sylvester5-2016 already listed in your agenda?

Dear orienteering-friends,

Sylvester5 - 2016

In a few weeks we will update the Sylvester5 - 2016 website with recent information.

Subscription will be possible from july 1st 2016!