Preparation on schedule

All preparative work is ongoing as planned.

Maps have been revised completely, accommodation is reserved, course setters have started their part of the job to make the 30th edition of the Sylvester a big success.

Entries are enabled

The entry form on has been created; so from now on entries for this event are possible.

Note: the number of entries might look low but it should be noted that entries from Belgian clubs (usually around 250 participants) are done via another procedure.

Sylvester5 2016 in Compass Sport

We are very pleased with a five pages long famous article in Compass Sport about the participation of some British orienteers. It is very nice to read and it's a very helpfull and nice to hear for all orienteers. Thank you, Compass Sport!

30th Sylvester5-days in 2017

Within a few days you can find all information about the 30th Sylvester5-days. Be sure to plan nothing else from 26-30 december. You should not miss the thirtieth edition of this event!