Final standings Sylvester5 - 2014

Here you can find the final standings from the Sylvester5 - days 2014

We will thank you for being our guest and hope you had some nice orienteering-days.

We wish you a safe trip home and a happy, healthy and sportive 2015!!!

See you next year...

Sylvester5-standings after 4 days

Sylvester5-standings after 3 days

Here you can find the Sylvester5-standings after 3 days.

We appologize for the delay.

We wish you two more good competition-days and a lot orienteering-fun.

Starting times

Updated WRE-starting-list!!!

Important WRE-information

Bulletin 3

Starting lists with mapinformation (butterflies)

Please be in time in the quarantaine-zone!


Starting lists online

List of participants Sylvester5 - 2014

Here you can find the list of participants of the Sylvester5 - 2014

The starting lists will be published here too as soon as possible.

We wish you a merry christmas and hope to see you soon.

First entry deadline...

Sylvester 5days: tomorrow first entry deadline

So far there has been much interest for the Sylvester 5-days in the north of Belgium. By 29th november 115 foreign participants have registered for this event. Traditionally more than 300 Belgian participants show up every day. This figure gives an indication that the end of december will once again be a real festival. 

Sylvester-WRE at day 5 cancelled!

Because of a negative rapportation from the IOF-advisor the WRE-competition for day 5 at the map "Gerhees" has been cancelled.

The WRE at the map "Brouwhuisseheide" in the Netherlands at day 1 will take place.

We want to apologize for this.