New! GPS-tracking for D-14 and H-16 and analysing

(Loggator) GPS-tracking for W-14 and M-16 on day 4 in Leopoldsburg is available.

Analyse by 2d rerun by World of O

World of O - 2d rerun analyses for WRE-courses

Here for the men and here for the women can be done even more analyses with 2d rerun from world of O.

Enjoy this nice application...

France to strong for Belgian elite-runners at WRE-Maasmechelen

The first Sylvester5-day in Weelde was a nice opening-contest very succesfull organised by TROL.

The second day, in Maasmechelen, more then 400 participants (150 foreigener) participated in one of the orienteering-activitities on a beautifull map from club OMEGA called "Vierveld".

Important information for WRE-athletes Day 2 GPS-tracking-test

Here you can find some inportant information about the test GPS-tracking during the WRE-contest day 2.

GPS-tracking test offered by "Loggator" at WRE-contest

Dear orienteering-friends,

"Loggator" offers all 60 WRE-athletes GPS-tracking December 27th.

Take a look at or for an example in real live.

Starting times Sylvester5 -2013 online!

Here you can find the starting times for the different Sylvester5 competitions!

List of participants Sylvester 2013 online

Here you can find the lists of participants for the Sylvester5 - 2013

Please let us know if something is not correct (name, club, emit, ...) on these lists by !

Starting times will be published from dec. 17th at

Don't forget to bring/wear race number, emit-card (no sportidents!!!), and your backuplabel (secretariat).

Subscribe before 1st december 2013!

Don't forget to subscribe for the Sylvester 2013. Do it before 1st december 2013 by
We will have a very occupied and good organised tournament. The event-centers will be dry and warm where you even can have a drink and take a shower.

Welcome on the website of the "Sylvester 5-days 2013"

The "Sylvester 5-days" are organised by VVO in association with 5 clubs.
A complete army of volunteers is ready to make for you a fantastic orienteering-event!

This year we all do a special effort to have good and warm competition centers.