Last minute information

To celebrate this Sylvester all clubs have placed an order to purchase new SportIdent equipment. Unfortunately SportIdent has some problems with one of their suppliers what makes that they could not deliver our equipment. In order to ensure that the Sylvester could go on they have provided us with spare material however these control posts do not have punches to be used as back-up device. So please do take care that you have the audio feedback to ensure that your punching is registered (there are no touch free controls). The organising committee together with the jury have decided that we will not read-out the controls from the forest unless 5 or more participants have problems with the same control. We hope for your understanding.

Our youngsters (- 10 year) have no fixed starting time, they are free to choose a time however they have to obey the orders of the start responsible (to ensure a fair competition there must be a minimum interval). At the start there will be also written post descriptions in English, Franch and Dutch. Take care to use the correct one. In the guided course the companions can take a map as well.

Emergency phone number during the Sylvester: 0032 474 77 90 44