Latest situation

The Corona-pandemie is hitting all of us. We are following closely the evolution of the number of infected people as well as the actions taken by the Belgian and Dutch government and based on the latest info we have taken the following decisions:

     - On the sportive side we want to proceed as you were used from us and this is to organise high level events on all 5 days. Mappers, course setters and event advisers continue with their tasks as normal. We hope that the current decision that all non-profit sportsactivities are forbidden will be abolished by November 19 (that day the government will give a new conference with an update of the status and the limitations).

     - On the surrounding topics we have taken already a number of drastic decisions. The competition centre will be low profile meaning that there will be no canteen (no drinks, no food), no dressing rooms, no showers with the global idea "come to the race, run and go back home". There will also be no price giving ceremony.

Our aim to continue with the sportif part is based on the races of the past weekends where up to 500 athletes came to participate, indicating clearly that there is a need for this.

We will keep you up to date on the situation but we can ensure that when you entered and paid already for the races, we will do a full refund (except for bank charges) when the races are cancelled or when you let us know in advance that participation for you is not possible (e.g. travel ban by your government, quarantaine situation, ...).