Last minute information

To celebrate this Sylvester all clubs have placed an order to purchase new SportIdent equipment. Unfortunately SportIdent has some problems with one of their suppliers what makes that they could not deliver our equipment. In order to ensure that the Sylvester could go on they have provided us with spare material however these control posts do not have punches to be used as back-up device. So please do take care that you have the audio feedback to ensure that your punching is registered (there are no touch free controls).

Starting times

Starting times can be found on:

Entries are closed

After the closure of the entries we noted that more then 440 orienteers have entered our competition. Some for one or two days but the majority for the complete competition. On average we have 380 people per day and then we expect another 80 people that will come to participate on the day itself.

We wish you all a pleasant but in the first place a safe trip into Belgium. 

Preliminary list of participants

On the website you can find the preliminary list of participants after the first deadline was reached. Approximately 380 different runners are registered.

Progress according to plan

The revision of all maps is finished.

Course setters and controllers are underway to provide tough, challenging competitions.

Entry process for Belgian runners

The entry process for members of Belgian clubs has been modified. Entry via O'Punch for those that register for all 5 days before the end of November; for all others entry via Orienteering Online. 

Entries are enabled

The entry procedure via Orienteering Online has been enabled.

Sylvester 2019, here we are!!!

After a few more quiet months we kick off for a new edition of our Sylvester race. Most important novelty is that we switched from the EMIT system to SportIdent.

Sylvester 2018 is over

After a very intensive month we are looking back to what we believe was a succesful edition of the Sylvester 5-days. We hope you enjoyed it as well, that you had a safe trip back home and have a pleasant end of the year. We wish you all the best for 2019 and hope to see you again just after Christmas 2019 for the next Sylvester 5-days.

We are ready, we hope the same for you

We are almost ready to welcome you (only some minor things to settle). Some extra information:

- Starting times are available on the Helga website:

- Last minute information: